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Koref Eco Farm Resort in Kahang, Kluang, Johor, Malaysia

Kahang Organic Rice Eco Farm (Koref) is the first and only Certified Organic Rice Farm in Malaysia sprawling over 260 acres of rice farming land which provides 'Free & Easy' and 'Packaged' eco farmstays. It attained full organic status certification in December 2005 from the Malaysian Agriculture Ministry over a stringently monitored conversion period since 2001. The farm is irrigated by the unpolluted river water from the 1,010m high Belumut mountain.

Koref Eco Farm is uniquely a nature-inclined health enhancing eco lifestyle farm providing excellent life enriching and team-building, bonding activities like mountain climbing, hands-on seasonal rice farming, jungle trekking, river trail, challenges at the 'Asli' water obstacle course, bamboo-rafting, drum-rafting, hands-on fish catching (and release) with trawl net, field-cooking, handicraft-making with nature endowed availables, hands-on making of local snacks, nature-trails, topography, flying-fox, tree-climbing, water-bound games, water-walking ball thrill, day/night water-mass crossing, night jungle-trail, barbecue, campfire and more.

Arrangements may be made to visit the local 'kampung', 'Orang Asli' settlements or co-ordinate value in action programmes with local schools and the communities.

The eco farm resort was incorporated in 2006 to enhance nature inclined eco activities for its visitors. The modes of stay include floating-chalet, land-chalet, dormitory, pitched tents in the farm's compound or night-stay in tents in the tropical rainforest jungle!